About journal

„Istorijos šaltinių tyrimai = Studies in Historical Sources“ is a scholarly journal devoted to the analysis of source material pertaining to Lithuanian History in the broad sense. The journal publishes original work and provides room for critical publication of hitherto unpublished or unsatisfactorily edited documents. The editorial board of the journal encourages scholars to send in reviews and annotations of publications of source material and books which deal with the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The latter polity determines by far and large our main interests in terms of geographical and chronological scope. It should also be emphasized that any documentary evidence, even if it be regarded as external to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by dint of its provenance, falls within the remit of the journal if it has anything to do with territories of present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Eastern Poland. Although the focus of this journal is the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, we welcome specialists of the nineteenth–twentieth centuries and encourage them to contribute to the journal by sending articles or any other kind of information which is important for tackling the problems related to the fate and current state of preservation of the archives of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Discussions regarding the methods of source-editing and ways of interpretation are also very welcome. Articles are accepted in Lithuanian, English, German, Polish and Russian.

Authors are requested to submit their articles both electronically and in one hard copy to the editor-in-chief.